Code of Ethics

One of the most important goals that the Iseo Group has set is to continuously enhance relations with its stakeholders and strengthen the trust they put in Iseo. The path that Iseo is following to reach this basic goal comprises adopting a code of ethics which asserts the Group's liability towards the environment as well as its social responsibility and ethics.

- Priciple of moral legitimacy

- Principle of moral legitimacy
- Fairness and equality
- Safeguarding people
- Diligence
- Transparency
- Honesty
- Privacy
- Impartiality
- Environmental protection
- Health protection

- Respecting all laws

Most Iseo companies have already adopted this code of ethics. In the near future it will be introduced in all the group's companies: this will make Iseo a homogeneous team in its commitment towards issues of great topical importance.

Within this framework, the Iseo Group is committed to making its own policy available to all interested parties. In addition, Iseo guarantees it will train its employees and collaborators, making them responsible in order to pursue optimal corporate and environmental results.

Download ISEO South Africa BEE certificate (PDF)