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Door closers



What is a door closer?
A door closer is a hydraulic mechanism widely used in private houses, shops and apartment blocks to close the internal or external doors. There are different versions for different frames.

How many models are there?
There are Overhead Door closers, with a V or sliding arm, floor door closers or door closers built in the door or frame.

What are its main functions?
Door holder: it is used on doors with a frequent passage of people; it can be adjusted to different openings and cannot be used on fire doors.
Closing speed adjustment: every time the door is opened the door closer takes the door back to 0°. The closing speed can be adjusted through a valve.
Closing force adjustment: in some types of door closers the spring control allows to apply a higher or lower pressure during door opening, according to door weight and size.
Adjustable backcheck: this function (called "backcheck"), according to the type of control, slows down the door speed during opening. This feature is widely used for doors exposed to air currents because it avoids bumping against the wall.
Delayed closing action: It is widely used in places with disabled people. Once open, the door closer takes a certain time- which varies according to the setting- before closing. Therefore, the disabled person can pass through the door without risking to bump against it when it closes.
Latching action: During closing from 15° to 0°, the door closer has an acceleration which ensures a correct closing. The final latching is used on locks requiring a good closing pressure, while it can also be eliminated on electric strikers.

Which standard regulates door closers?
Door closers are regulated by EN1154.