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Panic exit devices



Which standards regulate emergency exits?
EN 1125
Standard concerning panic exits with devices operated by a horizontal bar (traditional lever- or push-bars). Devices installed in places with people or audience not trained for emergency procedures: theatres, cinemas, buildings for sporting activities and so on.
EN 179
Standard concerning panic exits operated by handle, plate or lever. Devices installed in places with people or audience trained for emergency procedures: offices, power plants and so on.

What is a panic exit device?
It is a type of locking installed on emergency doors. It must ensure exit from the room in any condition, by simply operating the push bar. These devices must comply with EN1125 standards and must be EC marked.

Can a Pad device be assembled in a public place?
PAD devices complies to EN 179 standard.
In Italy, their application is limited by a law enacted on November 3rd, 2004, concerning the activities subject to the control of the firefighting authorities in order to issue a fire prevention certificate. They can be installed if:
- The activity is open to the public and the door is usable by less than 10 people.
- The activity is not open to the public and the door is usable by 9 to 26 people.

Can the Push panic exit device be shortened?
All devices belonging to this series can be shortened. The minimum size varies according to the device product family.

What is a microswitch and what is it used for?
It is an additional device which, inserted into the panic exit device, allows to signal, even from a distance, the operation of the push bar (door opening); the microswitch must be connected to a sound, light device or other devices.

Can panic exit devices be assembled on PVC profiles?
The standard keeps are not suitable for PVC profiles, yet they can be bought separately as accessories.

What is the Bolt system?
It is a new patented keep for panic exit devices much more secure than traditional latches since it uses self-locking and anti-breaking Ø 14 mm top and bottom points.

What is a product certification?
It is a voluntary certification where an independent body assesses and certifies that the technical-productive stages of panic exit devices comply with the relevant European standard.