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Locks for aluminium frames



Are locks for aluminium frames the same as the ones for wooden or metal frames?
Some locks for metal frames (iron) can be used on aluminium since they slightly differ from each other (i.e. forend finishing); locks for wooden frames have different features and sizes, therefore they are recommended only for wood.

I would like to open my door with a remote control as well as with a key.
In this case you need to fix a 12 volt electric lock or an electric striker with a normal mechanical lock.

Which is the difference between a flat forend and a "U" forend?
The forend is the part of the lock which is seen when the door is opened and is used for fixing. The choice of the two forends depends on the type of profile where they are fixed or on the type of supports offered by the profile. Generally, the U forend is used in multi-point locks and for door-type profiles.