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What is a mortice lock?
Mortice locks are fixed inside the frame and therefore they cannot be seen. According to the type, they can be operated from the outside through a cylinder, a key (double turn) or a handle.

What is a rim lock?
Rim locks are fixed outside the frame and therefore they can be seen. The assembly does not generally require special operations, for this reason they are well-suited for existing frames.

What is a frame lock?
A frame lock has a shallow case because it must be fixed into the door frame, where the handle follower and the cylinder are on the same vertical axis. The most common inconvenient is to find the handle and the key too near the frame during opening, with the risk of knocking the frame with your fingers or the key if it remains inserted in the cylinder.

What is a mortice lock for metal frames with horizontal application?
Compared to a frame lock , this type of lock has a deeper, horizontal case: it is fixed in the central part of the frame in a horizontal profile. The handle follower and the key are located horizontally at a much higher distance from the lock forend (towards the centre of the door). This avoids the inconvenient of the handle or the key being too near the frame (see frame locks).