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MK Systems



What are MK systems?
MK systems are manufactured with customized cylinders. They can be:
- MK systems, commonly known as passe-partout, where a set of individual cylinders can be opened both by their own keys and by a single key called master key.
- CK systems, where one or more cylinders (called central cylinders), are operated by different keys.

Is there a master key which opens all cylinders?
There is no general key allowing to open any cylinder: each system has its own key (or several keys) and the cylinders are manufactured from the master key so that they can only operate with it.

How many cylinders can be made from each master key?
It depends on the type of cylinder, since each cylinder features a limited quantity of resources for the development; moreover the system complexity reduces the utmost development capacity as well.

Can you add further cylinders to an existing system?
A part of resources is generally kept for further development. When these resources are run out no other cylinder can be added.